Xiamen Xindeco Ltd is a large scale high-tech enterprise group with Optoelectronics and Internet of Things as its core business, and has formed a "High-tech Oriented & Diversified Development" industrial structure, covering a wide range of sectors, including supply chains, real estate, and financial services. The company focuses its development on Electronic Information industry and has built the industry framework with several pillar businesses covering Ultra-high Brightness LED Packaging, application development and production, electronic labels, as well as development and production of security products. The company became listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in early 1997 (stock code: 000701). Its total stock shares amount to 310.88 million, making the company stock the most influential one in domestic electronic information industry. ... more

  • ADD : No.27 Xinglong Rd, Huli District, Xiamen, China
  • Tel : 0592-6021666
  • Fax : 0592-6021391
  • E-mail :

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